Page 43 - Western Window Systems Performance Guide
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       Standard Base Sill
The standard base sill for the Series 7630 Window Wall is 0.875” tall and is used around the perimeter of all Series 7000 fixed windows.
   High Base Sill
  Standard Stop
Perfect for fixed windows that will sit directly on a finished floor, the high base sill is 1.75” tall.
  Extruded Nail Fin
For additional protection against the elements, the perimeter of the Series 7630 Window Wall is available with an extruded nail fin located 1” from the exterior.
The standard stop for the Series 7630 Window Wall features a classic stepped profile with removable
stops and weep holes at the base. Available in multiple dimensions, it can accommodate 1”, 1.3”, and 1.6” OA glass.
Cardinal Glass
Performance glass options from Cardinal IG can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses. Options include laminated glass, solar- and glare-control glass, enhanced winter performance glass, and Neat low- maintenance glass. Pre-applied Cardinal Preserve film protects glass during installation.
Aluminum finishes are available in-stock or as designer selections. They can be customized to match nearly any color. For approximate finish options, see page 130. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us.

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