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       Water Barrier Sill
 The Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door comes standard with a 2” water barrier sill to help safeguard against water intrusion. Finished to match the color of the frame.
  Flush Sill*
 For a smooth transition from the inside to the outdoors, the optional flush sill lines up with most interior flooring and features an interior and exterior height of just 0.958”. Finished to match the color of the frame.
*The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the high-performance water barrier sill and may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.
Design to Fit Your Tastes
The Series 7950 incorporates durability with a clean, contemporary design. A 3.17” stile allows for more glass and light. Options such as a modern sill, 90-degree configurations, and split finishes result in limitless ways to fit your tastes. The Series 7950 can even be designed as a window — perfect for opening up living spaces like kitchens and patio bars. Available in heights up to 12 feet in select configurations and using heavy-duty hardware.
High-Quality Handles
Designed for durability and comfort, the Series 7950 features three high-quality, contemporary handles. The Dallas handle, located on all active panels, includes an optional key lock. A D-shaped pull handle, at the bi-fold’s pivot points, further aids in opening and closing the door. And an inactive lock handle, at the door’s pivot points, secures the door panels with steel pins at the head and sill.
Aluminum finishes are available in-stock or as designer selections, and they can be customized to match nearly any color. For approximate finish options, see page 130. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us.
 The optional U-track allows for a flush transition from room to room. The U-track is not warranted against water penetration. Available in a dark bronze finish.

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