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  The Size You Want, Precisely
Your taste for true contemporary design and large expanses of glass finds nearly limitless expression
with Western Window Systems’ Series 7000 aluminum product family. Choose completely customizable moving glass walls and windows that, thanks to our signature design, can go taller and wider than you’d expect. Options such as configurations, sills, and finishes allow for complete design flexibility. Plus, Series 7000 products easily integrate to form a unified look throughout an entire project.
Strength and Impact
Featuring proprietary Insulbar profiles for increased thermal performance and strength, Western Window Systems’ Series 7000 aluminum doors and windows are designed to meet the nation’s toughest building codes. Tested to a design pressure rating of 50, the Series 7000 family supports triple-pane, laminated, and security glass essential for noise reduction, making them perfect for a variety of projects.
Designed with Energy Efficiency in Mind
Unequivocally energy-focused, Western Window Systems’ Series 7000 family is all about significantly reducing energy consumption through features like a signature aluminum extrusion design; across-the-board low U-value ratings; and low-E, argon-filled dual-pane glass from Cardinal IG. Even California’s rigorous Title 24 requirements are met in both the prescriptive and performance methods.

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